Maddie and Willie

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Our Story

After months of flirting at Thacher and endless taunting from friends, Willie finally had the courage to pick Maddie up and... chuck her in the pool. And that, marks the start of "Madsted."

We'd like to thank American Airlines, Greyhound, Megabus, and Maddie's 2005 Toyota Prius for getting us through our many Georgetown<>Duke visits. It was a blast pseudo-attending two different universities and making great friends at both. Those trips also prepared us for living out of duffle bags post-college - schlepping between each other's houses in DC for three years to becoming nomads in Covid and exploring new towns and cities across the West Coast. Full of change and adventure, it has been quite an amazing decade!

We have had so much fun sharing our lives with all of you - our closest friends and family. You are an integral part of our story and we could not have done it without your endless love and support. We CANNOT wait to celebrate with you!